$20 Buck$ Plu$
$20.00  What's that?  A new tee-shirt?  (OK, if you're like me and shop at goodwill, several shirts) but really, 20 bucks is not going to get that much.
If we all put our 20 bucks together, think of what we could do!

We have such an incredible opportunity to go to school, but unfortunately, not all kids have this opportunity.  Wouldn't it be fun to work together and raise the funds to help start build a school for an orphanage in Kenya?
Currently, Maisha has a K-2nd grade school building and the older students meet in a leaky hut.  Maisha is longing to teach these students in a permanent, sturdy school.

...So here's the fine print:

  • It takes $19,626.00 to build the walls of the school. (The total cost is $191,016.06) Let's partner together to raise the walls!

  • You can donate any time, any amount, in one of two ways:

1) A check made out to Youth Outreach International
(they are acting as our sponsor organization to channel 501(c)(3) charitable contributions through)

Youth Outreach International

(20 bucks plus)

146 East Main Street
Leola, PA 17540

   2) Paypal
       (just so you know, Paypal takes a percentage of the money for their service.)


  • You will receive of a tax deductible receipt from Youth Outreach International

  • You'll be able to monitor our progress throughout the year by subscribing to our blog or liking us on Facebook.

  • It's going to be exciting to see what we can do together with God getting all the glory.